The CEO of your company has procured a deteriorating brewery. Your team has been chosen to come up with a new beer that gets his failing company back in the game. Do a taste test, choose your product, name it and market it using a new commercial campaign, written and presented by your team.

Timeframe: 1-2 hours

Group Size: Up to 50 people



The clock is ticking and the heat is on to prepare the best cuisine. Guests are divided into teams and receive the same recipes. However, the teams are competing against each other to create the best overall meal in categories of taste, creativity, execution, time management, and plating. The final challenge is to tastefully describe the dishes to the judges. Winners are chosen after careful deliberation and announced to the crowd.

Timeframe: 1.5 hours

Group Size: 4 – 20 people



Taste some of the Port’s exceptional cocktails while you learn about the history, pairings, etc. Three samples will provide your group with a unique cocktail tasting experience.

Timeframe: 1 hour

Group Size: Up to 25 people


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