Morning Breath & Movement – Invigorate the body in preparation for sitting in meetings, prepare the mind by increasing awareness & clarity through the breath.

Lunch Time Yoga – A shorter yoga practice to refresh and restore body & mind.

Evening Restorative Yoga – A gentle practice to guide one’s body, breath & mind into comfort and stillness.

Intro to Mindfulness – Explore the concept and meaning of mindfulness, the benefits of mindfulness practice and how to bring it into your daily living.

Timeframe: 1- 1.5 hours

Group Size: Up to 16 people – 2 weeks prior notice requested.



Lessons in Mindfulness – 4 hour course that teaches basic mindfulness tools.

Full Day of Mindfulness – 6 hour course designed to create an in-depth experiential opportunity to practice mindfulness.

Other workshops:

Movement & Breath for stress Reduction

Yoga to Release the Upper Back, Neck & Shoulders

Moving into Meditation with Yoga

Applying Yoga Principals to Support Positive Communication

Timeframe: 3 – 6 hours

Group Size: Up to 16 people – 1 month prior notice requested.



Custom workshops/retreats (1 – 3 days in length) providing Yoga and/or Mindfulness experiences can be designed to meet the needs and goals of your group. Individual sessions in either Yoga or Mindfulness are also available upon request.


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